What is an ODE?

An ODE is a celebration of moments. It always has a subject. It always starts "ODE to..." 

🍻Kind of like a toast "Cheers to..." 

📣An exclamation "here's to!"

💌A letter "to..."

It calls out something that is important to you. 

How do you create an ODE?

We encourage you to skip digital and use your digits 🙌🏼

Capture the moment in the way that comes most natural to you on paper. Write. Doodle. Sketch. Collage. Create your own language. WHATEVER.

We recommend you grab a notebook or a stack of notecards to dedicate to the next 100 days. We have a printable template with one format we like here.

So...where does this group come in?

We believe the secret sauce to life is experiencing it together✨

From August 2, 2020 to November 9, 2020 a group from across the country are dedicating 5-10 minutes everyday to creating an ODE and celebrating moments.

It’s 100 Days of ODE!

Each week you will receive an email from Katie on Sunday. You will be asked to share a picture of your favorite ODE from the week along with the title of the other ODEs you wrote. You will have until Tuesday at 5 pm EST to submit your ODEs for the previous week. This is a small form of both accountability and community. 

On Wednesdays you will get the Midweek Pause, an email that showcases all the submitted ODEs from the previous week. It will include slides like this and you will be invited to comment on other’s ODEs that you want to celebrate. 

At the end of the 100 days we will tie a nice bow on this and create a highlight reel. Maybe it’s a collaborative book. A video. A gallery. The beauty is watching it become what it will become. 

Haven’t signed up for 100 Days of ODE?

Whether it is day 3 or 86, you are welcome to join! Sign up and we will send some snail mail to get you started.

🐌Send me snail mail

Then, hit subscribe to our Substack so you get your weekly nudges to submit your ODEs and check out others.